Difficult Loss: Conducting A Funeral In The Absence Of A Body

Whilst a funeral is usually a time for family and friends to grieve for their loved one and attain a sense of closure, this can be difficult when the person is declared "likely to be deceased" after they have gone missing. From drownings to airline disasters to mountaineering accidents, families may be faced with organising a funeral service without a body amidst uncertainty about what has happened to their loved one.

Promession: An Eco-friendly Alternative to Traditional Burial

If you're environmentally conscious during your lifetime, you might want to die in the knowledge that the disposal of your body is eco-friendly too. So, have you heard of promession, and would you consider it as an option to discuss with a funeral director? What is promession? Promession is a little-known form of eco-friendly burial that was originally developed by Swedish biologist Susanne Wiigh-Mäsak. The process is fundamentally simple: freezing and vibration breaks the remains down into a fine powder.

Saving Guidelines for Funeral Arrangement

The cost of organising and executing a funeral for a deceased loved one is extensive and the financial impact can be long-term. Preparation and diligent budgeting is essential even amidst the grief and stress of death. There are different ways in which you can minimise the cumulative costs while ensuring the departed is given a good send-off. Here are some simple guidelines to help you prepare financially for the funeral event.

What To Expect When Working With A Funeral Home

A bereavement period is a difficult time when one is trying to come to terms with the sudden loss of a loved one. It is within this backdrop that a funeral home steps in and helps the bereaved arrange a dignified and fitting farewell for the deceased. If you have a lost a loved one, a funeral director can help you at this time in the following ways. Mortuary services

What Everyone Needs to Know about Headstones for Funeral Pre-Planning

If you are going with a traditional burial and funeral option, then you know one of your choices deals with headstones. Your funeral home may offer a few options, but you will still need to know what it is you are choosing and how to choose the right headstone for your burial needs. Here are a few points that everyone needs to know about choosing headstones during your funeral pre-planning.