What To Expect When Working With A Funeral Home

A bereavement period is a difficult time when one is trying to come to terms with the sudden loss of a loved one. It is within this backdrop that a funeral home steps in and helps the bereaved arrange a dignified and fitting farewell for the deceased. If you have a lost a loved one, a funeral director can help you at this time in the following ways.

Mortuary services

The next of kin will have to choose a funeral home which will care for the departed until a burial is conducted. Once you have selected a funeral home, you will be paired with a funeral director who will be your main liaison with the funeral home. The first order of business will be to arrange the removal of the body from the hospital or government mortuary to the funeral home. It is here that the departed will rest until the subsequent events are complete.


Once you have placed the deceased in the funeral home of your choice, your funeral director will discuss the embalming process. The embalming process is important so as to preserve the body and slow down decomposition. This is especially important for the viewing. An embalming process can be complicated if the deceased has been dead for a long time or if the death created injuries. In such scenarios, the funeral director can organize for some restorative measures to make the deceased presentable.

Viewing, wakes & chapel services

The funeral home will also arrange for a viewing process where relatives and friends can come together and say their goodbyes to the departed. The funeral director will arrange for clothes, make up and any jewellery you would like worn on the deceased. With your direction, the funeral home will also organize the flowers to be laid on the casket and the viewing room. The funeral home will also arrange for wakes, chapel services or other non-religious service. They can organize for a minister or any other service leader you may prefer to lead these services.

Burial arrangements

The burial marks the final sendoff for the departed. The funeral director will work with you to ensure that it is conducted as per your wishes and those of the departed. He/she will organize the burial permit and a cemetery burial spot. The funeral director can also arrange funeral announcements on the local media outlets. The funeral home will also arrange a hearse which will transport the deceased from the funeral home to the burial ground. If carrying out a cremation, the funeral director will offer some ideas on preserving or dispersing the ashes.

Even after the funeral service is long gone; your funeral director can organize memorials and memorial services to keep the memory of your loved one alive. For more information, contact a business such as Fry Bros Funerals.