What Everyone Needs to Know about Headstones for Funeral Pre-Planning

If you are going with a traditional burial and funeral option, then you know one of your choices deals with headstones. Your funeral home may offer a few options, but you will still need to know what it is you are choosing and how to choose the right headstone for your burial needs. Here are a few points that everyone needs to know about choosing headstones during your funeral pre-planning.

Material Options

One of the first things you will notice when you begin choosing the headstone is the wide variety of materials available. The traditional options are granite and marble. Bronze is also a popular choice for people who have burial plans at cemeteries with ground level or flat headstones. Other options are slate, sandstone, and limestone. The material choice will greatly depend not only on your personal preferences, but also on the weather conditions in your area and the cemetery guidelines as well.

Colour Options

You may not think that the colour of the headstone is an option, but there are masonry artisans who can use colours of granite to create picturesque scenes on your headstone. You can also choose a solid colour for your headstone if you choose a granite or similar material. Some colour options solid black, blue, green, and even shades of red depending on your tastes. You can also order specific designs such as sunsets, beach scenes, forest scenes, and other landscapes or pictures using the various colours available.

Pre-Fabricated or Custom

Once you have decided on the headstone material and colour options, the next step is to determine if you want a pre-fabricated headstone or a custom option. There are benefits to both. The pre-fabricated options are ideal if you want a simple design with a classic look. They are also generally less expensive and can easily be placed without delay. You can also opt to  have them placed immediately and have a mason chisel in the death date after the funeral service.

The custom options of headstones offer the benefit of allowing you to have your own design and style. Custom designs may require you to purchase them prior to your funeral service since they need to be ready for placement. This is ideal if you want to ensure everything is ready to go and paid for with no loose ends or issues for your family to handle.

These are just a few of the things to consider when you begin choosing and ordering your headstone. Your funeral director or the funeral home such as Farrell & O' Neill Funerals will help you with other questions you have or special options that may be available.