Choosing the Right Words for a Cemetery Memorial Plaque

Sometimes it can be so hard to find the right words to describe someone. This is something that may come to mind when you're thinking about what to include on a loved one's memorial plaque, which will take place at their final resting place. Memorials such as these can be a difficult thing to plan because how can you sum up how much someone meant to you?

The Size of the Plaque

Whether you want a memorial plaque affixed to a gravestone or a memorial stone, it might be helpful to remember that different sizes are available. You don't need to condense all your sentiments into words that must fit onto something the size of a name badge. Memorial plaques are available in a range of different sizes, so it might be beneficial to think about what you want to say before deciding upon the best size.

The Number of Letters

However, when considering what you want to say, remember that some memorial providers charge by the letter, so your available budget must also be a factor when determining the text. But thinking about that text brings you back to the previous question—how can you sum up how much someone meant to you?

The Basics

It can be helpful to start with the basics—your loved one's name. Stating that someone is a beloved mother or father or sibling might be a common sight on a cemetery memorial plaque, but this is because it's a heartfelt and utterly true thing to state. If you feel it's an appropriate thing to say, then you may wish to include it. You may also want to include the year of their birth and the year they passed away. Again, this is a common sight, so it's up to you to decide if it's relevant information. It can be in some cases, to acknowledge a long, well-lived life.

More Personal

Beyond the basics, you may wish to include something of a more personal nature. This could be a quote from your loved one's favourite book or film, if you can think of something that reflects who they were as a person. You might wish to ask for suggestions from other family members and friends. Depending on your loved one's beliefs, a bible verse or religious text can also be appropriate. 

Choosing the right words can indeed be so hard to do, but by thinking about who your loved one was as a person, and what they meant to you—the words will come. And with these words, you'll have the perfect text for their memorial plaque.

For more information about what to write on memorial stones, reach out to a local service.