Arranging a Funeral? Tips and Advice

This article will look at what needs to happen when someone dies. When arranging a funeral you will have to choose music, flowers, select a dress code and also think about what to do with the cremation ashes. Read on to find out more about all of these things.

Choosing music

There are many options for music and readings. When it comes to music, funeral directors offer a pre-prepared playlist from which you can choose your favourites. If you want something more personal, you could select your own songs which reflect the tastes of the deceased. You don't need to limit yourself to traditional funeral songs. For example, if the deceased had a favourite movie, you could play something from the soundtrack.

Choosing flowers

Flowers can make a funeral look beautiful and add to the atmosphere of the day. Of course, you will need to choose your flowers carefully if you are on a tight budget. Consider choosing one or two types of flowers in a colour scheme that works well with your chosen venue and overall theme. If there is going to be a burial, consider using mementoes from the person who had died in place of flowers. For example, you could put some photos of the person into an arrangement or give family members opportunities to tell stories about them at the funeral.

Selecting a dress code 

The type of clothing mourners wear at a funeral will depend on the customs of the deceased person's family or religion. You could choose to dress up as if it was a sombre occasion, or you might wish to wear something more casual. If the deceased had a favourite colour, you could ask people to wear that.

Scattering the ashes

If you organise a cremation of your loved one's body, the ashes can be scattered at a location or released into the sea. Some people like to scatter their loved one's ashes at a location that was special to them or inside a cemetery or in a garden. Other people prefer to release them into water such as on a riverbank, lake, pond or beach. You may want to discuss this matter with a funeral director before arranging any final arrangements for your loved one.

If you would like more advice and information about funeral arranging, you should contact a local funeral director today. They will be happy to help you to arrange a funeral.