Benefits of Mausoleums Over Other Types of Memorials

Choosing a memorial for a loved one's grave can be a daunting task. This is because the market is full of different types of memorials, and each has its advantages. Although traditional monuments such as upright and slanted headstones are common in cemeteries, mausoleums have gained popularity over the last few years. Unfortunately, their size puts most people off, but that does not have to be the case. If you get past size constraints, there is a lot that a mausoleum has to offer.

Private Memorial -- Although mourning the loss of a loved one in public is okay, some people prefer the privacy of their homes to express their grief. For instance, a widow might not feel comfortable contemplating the intimate times she shared with her departed husband at an open memorial. However, mausoleums are arguably the most private memorials that you can find because a loved one is laid to rest inside a house-like structure. This allows one to communicate with the deceased comfortably without worrying about prying eyes. Besides, you can play an audio piece, such as a recorded song, without interfering with other people visiting their loved one's graves.

Easy Maintenance -- Keeping a vertical or flat headstone clean is a lot of work. The structures are exposed to the elements all the time. Therefore, you might need to hire maintenance services to ensure that your loved one's grave stays in pristine condition. However, it will cost you money, especially if you do not have time to maintain the headstone yourself. In contrast, servicing a mausoleum is quite different, mainly because it is an enclosed memorial. You do not have to deal with wear and tear due to the constant exposure to the elements. All that a mausoleum needs is occasional maintenance to stay clean and in optimal condition.

Uninterrupted Visits -- Weather conditions should not dictate when you visit a loved one's grave. Regrettably, this is what some people go through with exposed memorials. For example, if it is raining or snowing heavily on a loved one's death anniversary, you might not visit their grave, which is frustrating. However, weather conditions are the least of your worries if you choose a mausoleum instead of an upright, slanted, or kerbed memorial. Since the insides of a mausoleum are protected from the external environment, you don't have to postpone anniversaries or remembrance visits to a loved one's grave.