4 Reasons You Should Consider Using a Wicker Coffin

After a loved one has passed, one of the most important decisions you'll need to make while organizing the funeral is what type of coffin to use. Though coffins aren't always necessary, most people still use them, and there is a wide selection of types available to fit around an equally wide range of preferences. Coffins are traditionally made from metal, wood, or fibreboard, but you'll increasingly see coffins made from wicker.

While a wicker coffin may seem like an odd idea at first, they do come with several benefits. Here are just four reasons you should consider choosing one.

1. They're Eco-Friendly

People are becoming increasingly aware of how the choices they make affect the environment. If you want the funeral of your loved one to be as eco-friendly as possible, you should think about using a wicker coffin. They are typically made using plants that grow relatively quickly without needing lots of fertilizers and that can be harvested without large machines, making them both sustainable and good for the soil. Materials will also be biodegradable, completely natural, and free from any chemical treatments that can harm the earth.

2. They Can Be Personalized

A wicker coffin is very easy to customize because of the way they are put together. You can string decorations such as flowers into the wicker or even incorporate different colours to create a more vibrant design or show the deceased's interests and passions. Different shapes will be available, and you can even choose the perfect material. Common choices include willow, bamboo, reed, seagrass, and rattan.

3. They Cut Down Costs

One concern people often have when organizing the funeral of a loved one is cost. It can be difficult to decide whether to spend more money or economise, especially when the deceased leaves no indication of their preferences. Coffins are usually one of the most expensive parts of a funeral, but you can mitigate that cost by using a wicker coffin. These tend to be considerably more affordable than coffins made from solid wood or metal, and yet they don't look as cheap as other budget-oriented options.

4. They're Light Yet Dignified  

Lighter coffins, sometimes known as 'soft coffins', can be a good option, and yet people still often gravitate towards the more solid appearance and greater durability of solid wood or metal. Wicker coffins are extremely light, and yet they still feel dignified since they hold their shape and offer a remarkable level of strength and durability when properly crafted.

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