Funeral Planning: 3 Critical Considerations for Preparing a Headstone

If you are planning a funeral for a loved one, you should choose their memorial headstone with care. This simple element is essential because it will mark the final resting place of the deceased. In addition, the memorial headstone will help in commemorating the spirit of the departed. An ideal headstone should be personal and unique, and it should be a physical reminder of the life lived by the loved one. Therefore, you must not choose a headstone without careful consideration and evaluation of the situation.

Here are some factors to help you prepare the perfect headstone for a departed individual.

Specific Material

You should evaluate the materials used for making headstones. The choice of material will influence the appearance of the memorial feature and the durability after installation. The most advantageous option for optimal appeal and prolonged performance on the modern market is granite. Granite is a natural stone with a wholesome appearance, and you can choose from multiple colours and patterns. Also, the stone is an igneous rock formed by molten magma. Therefore, it will withstand adverse outdoor conditions without deterioration. You should inquire about alternative material options such as bronze and marble before making your decision.


You should think about the right configuration and design for the memorial headstone. These factors will influence the appearance of the resting place after installation or stone setting. Classic headstones are fabricated as upright structures, and they are favoured because they are prominent. You can also choose a flat memorial tablet which is set flush against the ground. The minimalist design is beautiful without looking conspicuous. You should note that it is possible to purchase stone monuments carved into unique shapes. For example, if you are religious, you can have an angel figure attached to the headstone. However, some cemeteries have restrictions on the appearance of grave markers. Therefore, you should inquire about the rules from your chosen funeral home before proceeding.


Finally, you should plan the engraving for the memorial headstone for your departed loved one. A suitable engraving will memorialise the deceased and ensure that their life is honoured. You can choose an inscription to be engraved on the monument. Naturally, the words should include their name and the significant dates. You should also include an epitaph that offers a glimpse into the departed soul. If you would like a unique engraving, you should inquire about etching options. For example, granite etching will allow the creation of a custom image for an exclusive headstone.